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Microsoft Go Original Cyber Cafe Campaign boost your cyber café business! Attract more customers, lower costs & improve your image!

Succeed in today's challenging cyber café market by providing complete and safe computing experience for your customers. Using original software is the best way to deliver this positive experience to your customers.
Get Windows 7 Professional at more than 50%* discount
Why Genuine Windows 7?

Windows ® 7 enhances gaming experience for your customers and helps protect your PC from viruses, spyware and malware. With increased network security coupled with other favorites, you can get help when you need it and get the most from your PC
Get Office Professional Plus 2007 at more than 80%* discount
Why Genuine Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007?

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 is an integrated suite of productivity and database software that helps business save time, stay organised and use information more effectively. Get better results faster!


Rental Rights licenses are new offerings in Microsoft Volume Licensing that is to provide a convenient way for businesses that rent PCs to end users to properly license Windows desktop operating system and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 on rented PCs.

Why are they being offered?

Microsoft Windows and Office licenses prohibit renting, leasing, or loaning the software— meaning many PC renters (from commercial equipment leasing companies to internet cafes) are not compliant with their license rights.

Microsoft is now offering a new and simple way for iCafe to get a waiver of these restrictions through a one-time license transaction. These new licenses do not replace customers' underlying Windows and Office licenses (which grant them the right to use the software, but prohibit renting, leasing, or loaning the software.)

They are additional SKUs which are License-only (L) that serve to modify the license terms for the qualifying Windows and Office licenses by waiving the prohibition against renting, leasing, or loaning.


•  Enable iCafés to grow their business profitably and affordably
•  Provide an improved experience to the iCafé customers
•  Drive partner revenue opportunity via legalization and service incentives

iCafé Program Benefits:

  Pain Points

   iCafé Benefits

  Security, Virus and Malware

  •  Decrease down-time of PCs through safe, genuine Windows

  High competition – Low margin

  •  Improve competitive position through Microsoft brand affiliation

  Low PC utilization

  •  Increase customer traffic using Microsoft marketing resources and offers

  Business Management

  •  Automate customer tracking, billing and metering

  Poor public perception

  •  Establish iCafe as a quality, safe computing environment

  Costly to legalize

  •  Unique iCafe sku with attractive pricing

The Legalization Process:

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